My story could be your story


Smiling in front of our college’s standee. A reflection of how happy I may seem in front of other people despite the darkness I feel within
My name is Jorjani Sinsuat, 19 y/o, born and raised in the heart of Maguindanao, Philippines by two inspirational individuals. As an only child, I grew up sharing my personal stories, experiences and life goals with myself. I grew up believing that “I” am enough to be my only friend. Lately, I have been experiencing life crisis of which I may or may not surpass but one thing is certain, I will continue to live and this time I am willing to share my story to you and to the rest of the world. WordPress has given me this platform to take on a journey filled with uncertainties and positivity; post after post.

Join me as we unlock the mysteries of this world; break down situations affecting our daily lives, discuss the latest on sports, politics, spiritual and even Hollywood issues!

So, without much a do, welcome to my blog and let me share my story, because my story could be yours too!



Currently lost in this world of uncertainties.

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